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Snowmobile Insurance Washington State

Riding a snowmobile, or snow machine, is an exhilarating experience. Adventuring across an ungroomed open field with fresh powder flying away can be refreshing but comes with its share of risks.

Regardless of whether you enjoy sledding fast, slowly in a group, in steep terrain or in poor conditions, it is important to protect your passengers, your sled and yourself from injury or damage.

Common snowmobile insurance coverage options can include:

  • Comprehensive & Collision: Comprehensive coverage will protect your snowmobile from theft, vandalism, fire, or a collision with an animal. Collision will provide coverage for the sled from incidents where it is damaged from colliding with another object (such as a tree or fence) or another vehicle.
  • Bodily Injury: Applies if you injure another person(s) with your snowmobile and are found liable.
  • Property Damage: Provides coverage to pay for property damage to others if you are found to be at-fault for a covered loss.
  • Medical Payments: Different from Bodily Injury coverage, this one is for you or your passenger’s medical bills.
  • Custom Parts & Equipment: Covers parts that did not come factory installed on your sled. This can include things like custom paint and cargo racks.

Questions about snowmobile insurance:

  1. How much does snowmobile insurance cost? Snowmobile insurance premiums are based on multiple factors such as your age, the type of vehicle being insured, your previous loss history, your gender and your riding experience.
  2. Is snowmobile insurance required? There are a variety of situations to consider such as where the vehicle is being driven, if it is financed, and if you have an umbrella policy.

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