We have all heard of earthquake insurance, but is it required to purchase if you own a home, condo or investment property? The answer is no. However, it is important to keep in mind that your standard home, condo or landlord insurance policy would not respond in the event your home was damaged from an earthquake. You would need a specialized insurance policy for earthquake coverage.

Well, what does my home insurance cover then?

Your home insurance policy covers you for many perils such as fire, wind, smoke and lightning. Your home insurance policy also provides personal liability protection, medical payments for others, and expenses that can be incurred if you cannot live in the home after a covered loss.

How much is earthquake insurance?

Like any insurance policy, it depends on many factors such as where you live, how old your home is, what type of home you own, etc.

Know Your Disaster Plan

If an earthquake hits, do you know the safest spots in your home? Where can you drop and cover in each room? Does everyone in your household know where this is? Does the family have a central meeting point after disaster strikes?

Other things to know is how to shut off your utilities such as your gas, water or electricity. It may be helpful for every household member to know this information. Lastly, it’s important to always have a few emergency staples. Simple items like a fire extinguisher, flashlight, canned food, gloves, a blanket and water can all come in handy in the event a disaster hits.

While you can’t predict when an earthquake will strike, you can be prepared with an earthquake insurance policy as well as a home disaster plan. For an earthquake insurance quote, contact one of our agents.

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