Classic Car Insurance in Kenmore, WAMany of us collect classic cars and for good reason – they’re valuable assets and they’re fun! Regardless of what you collect or why you collect it, we all share a passion for these vehicles of the past.

For those of us who are classic car enthusiasts we need an insurance policy that matches our use and ensures that the value on our vehicles is appropriate.

Insuring your classic car is not the same as insuring your every-day driver. Insurance policies are typically less expensive and are written on an agreed value. Your classic car insurance policy can be custom tailored to your specific vehicle, stage of restoration or usage.

Here are some questions you may want to consider when talking about Classic Car insurance.

  • Is the vehicle stock or modified?
  • Will the vehicle be used for pleasure or will it be used for shows?
  • Will the vehicle be garaged or exposed to the elements?
  • Does you policy allow for extras in the event of an emergency? i.e. Roadside Assistance, Flatbed Towing, Trip Interruption.

Collector vehicles are unique, that is why it is imperative to talk to an insurance agent to find just the right policy for your classic or antique automobile.